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Apply for presents

Giveaway application has closed

Thank you very much for your many applications.


Application requirements

Present summary

A total of 2 people will be selected by lottery from among those who purchase the eligible products.

Autographed by Bruno Mars "Selva Ray Owner's Reserve (Bottle/BOX included)"

One person will win for each gift type.

(2 types of gifts available: 2 people will win)

Reception period

March 10, 2023 (Friday) - May 10, 2023 (Wednesday)

Application conditions

*One person will win from each purchaser of A and B.

*The contents of the present are the same for both A and B.
*You can apply for one item per gift.

​ *The number of units applied for in excess of the number purchased will be invalidated. Please enter the same number as the purchased quantity.

Application method

①Purchase the target product

②Apply from the application form

③Confirm receipt of application reception email

 This completes the process.

*The "name" and "email address" registered from the application form will beIf the details differ from those registered at the time of ordering,Your application will be invalidated. Please check carefully before registering.

*Persons under 20 years of age cannot apply.

*Please be sure to confirm that your application is complete upon receipt of the application acceptance email. The subject of the email is "[CELEBRATE MIX] Notification of application completion."

*Transfer to a third party is prohibited regardless of whether it is free or paid.

*We do not accept inquiries regarding application status or winning status.

*The lottery will be strictly conducted by the CELEBRATE MIX management office. We cannot answer questions about the criteria for winning or drawing lots.

Winner notification/shipping

Only successful candidates will be notified by email by June.
It will be sent to the email address you registered when placing your order.

*Winners will be announced using the winning email.

*If you are unable to contact us within the specified period after being notified of your winnings to your registered email address, your winnings will be considered forfeited and you will be drawn again from among other purchasers.

*Prizes will only be shipped once. If the prize cannot be sent due to reasons attributable to the customer, such as incorrect entry of name, address, phone number, etc., the prize will be invalidated.

*If the customer is unable to receive the prize due to being absent for a long period of time, the winning will be invalidated.

*Prizes can only be shipped within Japan.

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