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The owner is Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars first encountered SelvaRey when the brand was just starting out. The relationship started when the three founders sent white rum and chocolate rum to Bruno Mars. Born and raised in Hawaii, Bruno has always enjoyed rum-based drinks such as mojitos, pina coladas, mai tais, and rum punch, and rum is his most familiar and favorite drink. There was also.

Bruno Mars was impressed by the taste of "SelvaRey" and spent a long time building a relationship with the founders. He is now the owner of "SelvaRey" and actively works to promote the excellence of rum to the world. It features a smooth texture and a well-balanced flavor, blended by the globally renowned Master Blender, Don Francisco Pancho Fernandez, commonly known as 'Don Pancho, who has a distillery in the jungles of Panama.


Raise a glass with friends, family, or your loved ones in a space adorned with special flowers. Whether you prefer it straight or as an original cocktail, the flavors and aroma will allure your mood to  a tropical paradise.

These special moments can also be a gift to your loved ones.


A tropical and luxurious moment,
allured by the appearance, taste, and pervasive aroma.

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A smooth texture and a well-balanced flavor characterize this white rum.

Delicate notes of aging in bourbon barrels add depth,
while vibrant tropical flowers complement the brilliance of the white rum.

*The image is strictly for reference. Some designs and specifications may differ from the actual product.

A full-bodied, 5-year-aged rum with a rounded chocolatey mouthfeel, infused with natural chocolate.

It offers flavors of chocolate and espresso, with hints of sweet toffee,

 all beautifully complemented by the rich presence of tropical jungle-inspired flowers.

*The image is strictly for reference. Some designs and specifications may differ from the actual product.

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The main store is located in Hibiya Park, Tokyo, and there are approximately 190 stores nationwide. We coordinate wedding flowers, sell flower gifts and casual flowers, create landscapes for living through greenery, and provide flower content services with floral patterns.

Historically, in the 1940s, he introduced the ``wedding bouquet'' at weddings, which was not a custom in Japan, and proposed ``presenting a bouquet to parents.'' We have decorated many historical scenes in Japan with flowers, and have been working on new flower services one after another. In recent years, they have started the subscription service ``Hananohi,'' which has been well-received, with the hope that flowers can be enjoyed more as everyday items, rather than just for special occasions. In addition to selling and decorating flowers and greenery, we continue to make proposals to brighten and enrich our lives.

SPECIAL FLOWER GIFT Flower Arrangement

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